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A New Year's Message To Blackhawks Fans And Players

28 December, 2020

Dear Parents, Players, Coaches, and Volunteers,

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, including our families, friends and communities at home and around the world. Despite the pressures of Covid-19, we managed to commence the season on time and continue training. Squads even had the opportunity to play some friendlies with other teams under a very different environment under the guidance of Basketball England’s Return To Play Level 2 structure. The immediate future maybe uncertain given the flurry of news regarding the revised government tier’s and the restrictions it places on basketball. However, we shall continue to adapt to the new measures as we move into 2021.

There has been a real struggle with availability of venues and it is likely we will see some more changes in scheduling over the year so please bear with us as we try and accommodate all squads and sectors. We are extremely fortunate to have continued regular access to Woking College and St. John the Baptist especially since other teams/clubs have not been so fortunate.

Earlier this month we held a zoom session with the original and founding members from 1976 – a trip down memory lane as we were joined by some of coaches both past and present and some players and parents. The link to the video is here 'An evening with the Originals' for those that would like to watch it. In the discussion, Coach Jeff asked Julian, Chris, Phil, and Lee where the name Blackhawks came from? Well, legend has it… I’ll let you watch the video so you can discover the amusing story for yourself!

This brings me on to the next subject. Our current logo has stood the test of the time and shall always be part of our the history of the Club. However, as we move into a new decade it is time to embrace a new logo. I am proud to unveil our new logo for the Woking Blackhawks.

The new Woking Blackhawks logo

I hope the new logo inspires the same strength, fearlessness and loyalty and continues to distinguish us from the competition whilst maintaining our heritage.

As 2020 draws to a close, I want to congratulate and thank you all for the great work you’ve done despite the restrictive conditions. I shall end like I always do knowing we will have more great successes in 2021 because of your commitment and dedication to the game and the Club, and when we do let us share in it as a Team. As Phil Jackson said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

So thank you again and have an enjoyable and safe festive season.

Best Regards,


Head of Youth